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  • Crates and Containers

  • Thin wall products

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Remaining Services

Of course, we may also be able to manufacture a mould for your specific
product. This is in addition to injection moulds as set out in our 3 main
sections. Using our know-how and technology will ensure that your
injection mould will be highly efficient.

If you have a sketch, drawing or a prototype it will besufficient. As your
one-stop-shop we take care of the product development to 3D drawings
through to pilot production to final product injection mould.

We furthermore can supply you with:
- Polyester-press moulds (SMC)
- Aluminium Die casting moulds
- Low pressure injection moulds (pallets, trays ,etc.)
- PET Preform moulds
- PET blow moulding moulds
- Process development and automation
- Repairs to-, reconditioning or converting existing
  moulds (even if not originally produced by us)

Our modern, highly automated machine park can offer virtually all
machining of single or a series of parts which you may require.
Please see our machine list.
Thus, we invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements without

Indeed you are welcome to have a look ‘ in our kitchen’ to convince
yourself of our capabilities.
To start with, you may walk through our plant by means of our
‘’360° guided tour” on our home page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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