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Continuation Tooling Holland BV

.....to the international  plastic injection moulding industry have made
Tooling Holland bv into a leading  mouldmaker.
In addition the diligence  of our staff members has enabled Tooling Holland
to capture and maintain a leading position in their field.

By means of continuous upgrading of and investing in the latest machining
technologies combined with on-going training of staff, we are able to offer
you highly accurate tools to guarantee you high yield performances.

To enable clients to become leaders in the industry we work with them to
design optimal performance layouts to combine optimally with your injection
moulding equipment. We regard every project as unique and we thus employ
the latest and best practice techniques.

All moulds, new, repaired or re-engineered are tested at our mould-test
We are, furthermore able to assist clients with  minor repairs or adjustments
to moulds at their plant to minimise disruptions in production.

Our core activities in terms of mould making:
- Fitting moulds
- Crates and Containers for food packaging and industrial usages
- Thin walled packaging (dairy industry and plant pots)
- Press moulds (SMC's)
- Aluminium Die cast moulds and parts.

We furthermore offer:
- Product development and optimisation thereof
- Producing O-series
- Technology development
- Start-up service, solving of technical hitches 
  and assistance with optimising processing.
- All required machining such as milling, turning, grinding, edm
  gun drilling and (laser)welding.


            .........Your Partner!

Our Office

Cornelis Houtmanstraat 42
7825 VG Emmen

P.O. Box 288
NL - 7800 AG Emmen

Telefoon +31 591 679769
Fax +31 591 630616
E-mail: info@toolingholland.nl

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