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Top quality moulds to manufacture crates and containers

A crate mould should be seen as more than a simple mould, a fact we have learned over many years.

Thus providing us with the necessary experience in designing these moulds and the specific uses of copper and brass alloys in combination with keenly designed cooling systems to produce optimal products at fastest cycle times possible.

Keenly worked out uses of isolated inserts ensure products with straight sides and smooth bottom parts.

Multipoint hot runners are often used with needle points to obtain well-filled moulds striving for ever lighter crate moulds.

We will gladly provide you with advice and flow analysis to obtain a well-balanced mould in terms of hot runner use and final product. Similarly we will gladly offer advice in terms of product design, providing information about correct wall thicknesses and other relevant information needed.

We produce crates for a.o.
- Food industries
- Meat Industries (e.g. E1, E2,E3 meat crates)
- Crates for mushrooms and tomatoes
- Postal crates
- Industrial crates and lids (up to 1000x1200 mm)

We would furthermore like to draw your attention to our pallet moulds which often
made from aluminium for use in low pressure moulding processes, for example,
the Euro-pallet moulds and water bottles trays for 5 gallon bottles.

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